6. Admin Page

OpenEats2 has an Admin backend to allow the administrator of the site manager their OpenEats2 site.

6.1. Access Admin Site

To access the Admin site point your browser to the following URL:


You will be prompted to login with a userid and password the defaults are:

user: admin
password: password

You will want to change this as soon as you login by click on the users link inside the admin page

6.2. Change Site Name

You will want to change the site name on the Admin page to match your domain name. To do so click on the sites link on the Admin Page then click on the current entry for site name which should be example then change that to match your domain name, with out the http or www part


Do not just delete the name that is currently there. Django expects your site name to start with the primary key of 1 in the database. If you delete the site name and add a new one it will have the id of 2. So edit the site name that is already there.