4. Configuration

This document covers the configuration settings for OpenEats2

4.1. Database

To setup Django for your database refer to the Django Database document

4.2. Email

To setup your email server open up the settings.py file located in the OpenEats2 directory and fill in the following settings with your own email server settings:

#Email Server Settings


If you do not have your own email server you can use Gmail if you have a gmail account. Follow this gmail guide to learn how.

4.4. Site Title

If you want to set your own site title, different from the default OpenEats2. You can modify the OETITLE setting in the setting.py file:

OETITLE = 'OpenEats2'

Change the word between the quotes to what ever you want your site title to be

4.5. Debug

By default OpenEats2 is in debug mode to allow users to find issues with their site during initial setup. Once conferable with your site you should turn debug mode off by changing the following line in your settings.py file and restarting your webserver:

DEBUG = True

change to

DEBUG = False


OpenEats2 uses Disqus for its comment system. In order to use Disqus on your OpenEats2 site you will need to apply for an API key and register your site.

5.1. Disqus API Key

To get your own Disqus API key visit the Disqus register site and sign up. Make sure you enter the fully qualified domain name of where you are hosting OpenEats2.

5.1.1. Disqus Configuration

Once you have register your site with Disqus you will need to add the following to your settings.py file:

#Disqus settings
DISQUS_API_KEY = "your API key"
DISQUS_WEBSITE_SHORTNAME = "the shortname you entered when you registered"