8. Exporting Recipes

You can export individual recipes or every recipe you have on your site into the common MealMaster format.

8.1. Exporting Individual Recipes

To export individual recipes login to the Admin part of the site Admin Page. Click on the Recipes link. Then place a check mark in the box next to each recipe you want to export. At the bottom of the page there is a dropdown from the dropdown select Export MealMaster A file will be downloaded to your computer with the exported recipes.

8.2. Export all Recipes

To export all the recipes on your site to the MealMaster format, you will need to run a command from the directory you installed OpenEats2. Activate your virtualenv, see Creating the virtualenv then run the following command from the OpenEats2 directory:

./manage.py export_recipes > recipe.txt

This will create a file called recipe.txt which will contain all the recipes on your site in the MealMaster format